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SGML and HTML premium hosting

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Software for volume production

Cloud hosting

Publish dynamic SGML on your cloud

HTML — based on SGML

Start using any HTML content, then use SGML to mark up elements for site-wide re-use or dynamic content..

Setup genre content for blogs, discussion forums, and more based on straightforward concepts such as files and directories.

Write your text in markdown syntax using SGML's embedded custom syntax parsing.

Ready-made page types

Use starter page types for personal or product blogs, academic publishing, photo galleries, and more.

Leverage industry-standard Bootstrap CSS styling to choose among thousands of professional third-party Bootstrap themes, or your own.

Create custom page types for your own usage or for your customers.

Rich content authoring

Re-publish syndicated content or remix content from other sites.

Target HTML and SVG web markup, or target custom HTML subsets such as for HTML emails. Create your own markup vocabularies and model redactional workflows.

Access XML content with confidence: SGML is the larger markup language ecompassing both XML and HTML as subsets.

No lock-in, no frills

Develop and host your web content apps on software, or host with trouble-free and professionally.

SGML is transparently rendered either in-browser for performance, or on the server side for search engine indexing, at the same time.

The static site generator can export HTML renderings of your SGML site to be hosted anywhere.

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